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We have an extensive background in painting, faux painting and fine art. Applying all of these skills allows us to take on a wide range of work from small, one-room jobs to large commercial projects with difficult timeframes. We view each undertaking as a new challenge that our team of artists are anxious to begin. We consider ourselves problem-solvers. Each job presents us with unique challenges that we have always met, completed on time, and to the client’s satisfaction. While faux painting is often considered just beautiful wall finishes, we are an essential part of any large construction job and much of what we do saves time and money. Things get damaged, shipped in the wrong material, or simply doesn’t exist in a certain material. It is our job to make builder’s problems disappear. The time and expense involved in remilling or reordering can be a big problem and having a faux painter on site is the best solution.

We offer a wide variety of specialties: